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Manufacturers Index A.

Arms Corp, Apache, Anschutz, AK, Air Arms/Sussex armoury, Acro, Ansonia, Ampell, American Luger,
Arms corp Plainsman

Manufacturers Index B.

Britannia, Benjamin, Boone, Bugelspanner, BSF, Brigand, Bussey, BRNO, Brown,

Manufacturers Index C.

Crosman, CZ, Cub, Crank, Champion, Carolus, Certus.
Crosman 600's

Manufacturers Index D.

Dinkum, Diana, Dolla, Damon, Demon, Daisy,
Dare Devil Dinkum.

Manufacturers Index E

Erma, Eisenwerk, Excellent, Elmek, El Gamo,

Manufacturers Index F.

Fionda, Feinwerkbau, Farco, Footemaker, FLZ, Falke, FEG, Famas,
Feinwerkbau mod 65

Manufacturers Index H.

Haenel, Hammerli, Healthways, Hyscore, Hubertus, Hercules,
 Haviland & Gunn New Improved Model 1880 Model Air Rifle 1.jpg

Manufacturers Index I.

IAR Inc, IGA, Imperial, Isaac, In Kwang,

Manufacturers Index M.

MAS, Millita, Mars, Mahely, Maker, Mauser, MAS, markham, Monkey, Marc,
Mahely  Pistol

Manufacturers Index N.

National, Norica,

Manufacturers Index P.

Paul, Parker Hale, Peerless, Pope, Predom, Powerline, Panther, Plainsman,
Parker pistol RHS

Manufacturers Index R.

RWS, Rapide, Record, Rochester, Relum, Rutten, Ranger, Ripley, Rogunz,
Record LP1.jpg

Manufacturers Index S.

Sharp, Setra, Sears, Schimel, Saxby Savage, Sheridan, Smith & Wesson, Sussex, Stiga, Sterling, Skan, Steyr, St Lois, St Etienne,

Manufacturers Index T.

Thunder Bolt, Targair, Tell, Typhoon, Titan, Tau, Tex, Tiger, Trident,
Tell repeater.

Manufacturers Index U.

Umarex, Upton,
Daisy 105B BB Gun - Picture 1.jpg

Manufacturers Index V.

Valesquez, Valmet, Venom, Venturini, Venuswaffenwerk, Vincent,
Ceck VZ47.

Manufacturers Index W.

Walther, Westley, Warrior, Winsel, Weihrauch, Whiscombe Will, Wischo, Winchester, Wyandotte, William Paul, WEBLEY HAS ITS OWN SECTION.
Westly Richards


Too many "W' so Webley got its own spot.
Webley Target.JPG


BSA only!

Could do with a lot more BSA photo's.

BSA Century