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Early BSA

An early BSA in good working order.

Stock has been split on one side and it has been properly repaired (see photo)

Despite the repair its a very nice rifle.

£125.00 p&p £14.00 special delivery


Early BSA

Breve 2 right hand side

A scarce BREVET SPRING AIR PISTOL complete with cocking handle tin of Darts and the original box.

Some minor loss to the Nickel plating on the trigger and grip.
Overall very nice condition.

The cocking handle does show a bit more plating loss.
(see first photo)

Price is £430.00

 Breve 2 right hand side

Web premier .22 & .177 barrels.

Webley Premier pistol complete with some paper work, both barrels .177 and .22 plus a box of Webley pellets.

Extra enlarged photos on request!

This looks brand new but it has been left in the box in a damp area and there are a couple of tiny rust spot and a discoloration on the right hand side of air chamber.

£280.00 + P&P £10.00 recorded delivery


 Web premier .22 & .177 barrels.

Walther .177 repeater 2 X 1Co2 grm bulbs

Extremely good condition near on mint, excellent working order, Plus three brand new metal Walther pellet cartridges.

Take two Co2 bulbs not the one massive Co2 bulb!
A very nice rifle which I am loathed to sell!

£240.00 contact

P&P £24.00 Registered and tracked

Walther .177 repeater 2 X 1Co2 grm bulbs