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Auction House

Your experiences with Auction houses.

Antique air guns

With Special Thanks to Hermann-Historica Auction rooms for their kind permission to letting me use their Photo's of Antique air guns. Most if not all the Antique air guns you see are from their archives. It always amazes me the amount of stunning weapons guns that come to auction, through their auction house. In my own opinion I would say that Hermann-Historica Auction house is probably the best place to purchase some of the best Antique European Air weapons available.
 Ball Reservoir Air Rifle by Edward Bate of London 2.jpg

General air guns and paper work Diagrams etc

Pick and mix in here, Odd air gun photos, general info, Diagrams. Useful tips,
air gun Paper
 German Ball Reservoir Bar Lock Air Gun 1.jpg
Various auction House that have had some very nice air guns and air canes through its doors.


A very rare and scare air rifle more info to be added. .45 cal 20 repeater. Swiss army rifle, Double Headed Eagle on trigger block.
Gir side cover off lock removed.

Air and Co2 Gun Collections

Various air gun or Co2 gun collections
1 Hahn 45 Sears 45.jpg


Vintage air gunner pages


Collectors Air/Co2 guns for sale.
 Web premier .22 & .177 barrels.

Vintage fire arms and bits

vintage firearms bits and pieces obsolete pistols and rifle
Liberator 3 DEAC Excellant condition