Do you have a broken part to your pistol or rifle?

might be able to make a new one up for you provided its not too complex.

As I repair most pre 1980 Co2 air guns its not uncommon to find bits missing or broken, if I cannot find a replacement for the rarer models I have to fabricate the item.

if you cannot find a replacement part email me (  perhaps I can help? No promises!

I can reseal most pre 1980 Co2 air guns, and or get them working provided they are in one bit and not suffering from metal fatigue

e.g Shimel’s are terrible for it!

Got a problem email me –



For those of you in need of older spares for Walthers Bill Welch has some.

Not known just what he has to sell but he can be reached at, mail to:

Sometime in the future I hope to get a general list of items.